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"The Europeans are not yet willing to acknowledge that the world did not wait in darkness for them to bring the light, and that the history of Africa was already old when Europe was born."

- John Henrik Clarke, “Education for a New Reality in the African World” (1994)

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BOYS-ULTRA x Bombastic Religion x  BulletsNoGun

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the kind of men

From now on I’m posting strictly men of color, particularly black men. I’m tired of seeing pages with majority white men and a token black dude, if that much and majority of other pages include a mixture of all. Theres a rare handful of black only pages.

I love me a black dude. The melanin of a black dude is far more sexier and healthier looking. I particularly enjoy dark skin men more but ya’ll light skin dudes have a few more weeks of summer to change that ;). I love when a black dude is in the sun for a while and his skin becomes more beautiful and darker.

Black men are beautiful and I’m dedicating my page to strictly men of color from this point forward. I really started this back in feb and I let some other dudes slip through the cracks but no longer. 

So heres to a page dedicated to men of color and black pride.


BOYS-ULTRA x Bombastic Religion x  BulletsNoGun